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Company Profile

Fame Apparels Limited

Plot # B-188,189,210 & 211, BSCIC Hosiery Shilpa Nagary, Fatullah, Narayanganj


Massage from Managing Director:

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Dear Visitors,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Fame Apparels Limited, a name for quality in the knit world, established in 2001, is still producing quality garment in a competitive price for the buyers throughout the world. Quality and in time shipment is our first concern and with our policy in every steps in production and exporting has satisfied the customers. To meet the commitment of quality and prompt delivery, Fame Apparels Limited decided to integrate the manufacturing processes in a planned manner. Skill and professional team members monitor and control products quality with high care. Over the years the entire process has been integrated by importing sophisticated machinery from world-renowned manufacturers. Working on new concepts in styling and content of the knitwear is a continuous activity in Fame Apparels Limited with an objective to up the quality and the value of the merchandise.

The company compliant and audited by ACCORD and other buying agents/organization that meets very high standards compliance practices.

The management of the company firmly committed to fulfill all related rules and regulations concerning workers right and benefits. As regards, compliance performance of the company monitored with high care.

With a skilled workforce of over 2200 people, which is expected to double  over the next few years, our vision is to be the leader in our business domain and have a visible contribution to the GDP of Bangladesh. We have the skills and assets to achieve our goal and are highly confident in the Company’s future.

In closing, I sincerely thank all our stakeholders for their ongoing understanding, support and faith in our company.

Masud Alam (Kazal)Managing Director

Company at a glance:

Name of the Manufacturing Plant : FAME APPERALS LIMITED
Sister organization : FAME DESIGN LTD, Kentucky Knit Composite Ltd, Kentucky Textile Ltd, M&H Print.
Business Type : Knit garments Manufacturer and Exporter
Year of Establishment : 2001
Certified Achievement : Oeko-Tex, Sedex & ACCORD inspection been done and achieved category “GREEN”.
Name of the Contact Persons : Masud Alam (Kazal) – Managing Director+880-1713042644
Factory Address : Plot # B-188,189,210 & 211, BSCIC Hosiery Shilpa Nagary, Fatullah, Narayanganj.
Telephone Numbers : +088-02-7672121, 7670400
Fax : +088-02-7672122
E-mail Address :,
Web Address :
Total Employees : 2200 approx.
Total floor space : 134000 square feet (10 floor)
Sewing lines : 40 lines Running. 20 Sewing lines will be running in Dec 2019.
Production Capacity : 85000 pcs T-Shirt per day: 40000 pcs Polo or Fancy garments per day
Knitting Unit : Circular Knitting Machine Taiwan 20 sets, full Computerized Collar & Cuff Machine 4 sets.
Dyeing Unit : Kentucky Textile Ltd. (Daily Dyeing Capacity 22.1 Tons).
Printing Unit : M & H Print Ltd. (Daily Print Capacity 40000 pcs).
Main Market : Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, South Korea, Japan & UK.
Yearly turnover : USD 30 million approx.
Preferable Payment Mode : Confirmed Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Membership : BKMEA and BGMEA
Vat registration no :  19281002957
Bond licences no   : 1564/CUS-SBW/2014
Bank : ONE Bank Limited Narayanganj Branch 05, B.B. Road, Hoque Plaza, Narayanganj,Bangladesh Swift: ONEBBDDH017


Our Valued Buyers:

With our quality and service we are able to achieve the confidence of the following buyer:

01. NEW YORKER, Flensburg, Germany.            02. Zeeman Textielsupers B.V.

03. LPP S.A, Poland.                                            04. Sumitex, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

05. Euro Spin ECCO Perche, Denmark                06. Jansen, Wesseling, Germany.

Product Mix:

Fame APPARELS produces a quasi-infinite range of garment types:

Garments type Fabrics type
All kind of Men’s T-shirt and polo Shirts Single Jersey 125 to 220 gsm
All kind of Ladies T-shirt and polo Shirts Jersey with Elastane 150 to 280 gsm
Fleece Jacket 1×1 Rib, 2×2 Rib 140 to 240 gsm
Ladies Dresses Variegated Rib
Leggings Interlock 180 to 240 gsm
Strap tops French Terry
Children  fancy t-shirts & polos Poached fabrics
All  kids, girls & boys item. All over printed fabrics
Fleece inside brush 220-400 GSM

Business team:

Communication is one of the key aspects of today’s business. To make smooth faster communication with our valued buyers Fame Apparels Limited has proactive, innovative and dedicated Merchandising team. This team is able to respond your queries and can control the full supply chain to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of its customers.


Quality Policy:

Fame Apparels Limited is a knitted fabric & Garments manufacturing company with a mission to be one of the leading exporters in providing the quality knitted garments from Bangladesh to various customers around the globe.

In order to achieve the mission, Fame Apparels Limited is committed to:Untitled-9

  • Produce high quality products, by implementing company wide standards.
  • Customer satisfaction
  • On time delivery to customers by planning every shipment
  • To decrease the percentage (%) of rework.
  • Evaluate the supplier on yearly basis.
  • Give safe and health working environment to workers


Our professional quality team monitor quality in four stage like first team maintaining quality from yarn knitting to the good quality fabric, second team maintaining proper way of cutting, third team maintaining stitching quality level & fourth team maintaining finishing up to the shipment.

Human resource department:

Fame Apparels Limited is committed to the best human workplace practices. Our goal is to continuously improve our human resource policy and procedures through education, training, communication, and employee’s involvement. Human Resources

Department works as a moderator between the governing body and workers. This department is responsible for the recruitment of workers, their data, salaries, bonus, promotion, leave, medical and other facilities. They continuously look after the production floor to ensure a harmless and congenial atmosphere for the workers. For this reason, they arrange different training programs, fire-drillings, checking the safety equipment’s on regular basis.

Other information about Factory

Stairs                             : Main stair 7 ft wide with emergency evacuation & another 5 ft wide for emergency exit.

Lift                                 : There are 2 Elevators one for passenger another is Cargo.

Bonded Warehouse          : There are 2 bonded warehouses 1 for raw materials & other for finished goods.

Industrial Exhaust fan     : Each floor is equipped with industrial exhaust fan.

Wash room & Toilets       : Sufficient with compliance rules

Emergency Exit Signs      : Emergency exit signs are marked for emergency evacuation.

Evacuation plan                : Each floor have evacuation plan for emergency evacuation

Emergency Medical          : Trained team of staff & workers who procedure takes initiatives in case of emergency.

Drinking Water               : Pure drinking water (RO System) facility for employees in every floor.

Emergency Telephone      : List contains emergency telephone no. Such Fire Brigade, Hospitals & Police stations hanged for emergencies.

Fire extinguisher            : Fire extinguishers are allocated in a very balanced manner.

Fire Drill                        : Weekly fire drills are initiated.

Emergency Light             : To use in case of power fail.

Work environment           : Adequate ventilation & bridge electric light is provided for worker Motivation.

Other Facilities              : First aid box, Accident log book, Fire alarm, Dining space, Prayer room etc.


Knitting Division

No Machine DIA GG FEEDER Quantity Brand
1 Single Jersey 17-30 inch 24 90 – 120 10 JIUNN LONG
2 RIB 36 – 44 inch 18 76 – 88 5 YEAR CHINE
3 INTERLOCK 24 – 44 inch 22 – 24 48 – 90 10 FUKUHARA
4 Elastane attachment 22- 40 inch 24 60 – 120 5 JUINN LONG
5 3 thread fleece 30 inch 20 90 2 JUINN LONG
6 Collar & Cuff 68 inch 14 10 Around star

Beside that we have yearly contract with N.R. Knitting to diversify and enhance our knitting capacity.


We have Busbar trunking system (ITALY), Electrification & Sub Station.

Alternative Power

One piece 800 KVA & three pieces 250 KVA Diesel Power Generator (AJ Power pac, UK)

Garments Division

Cutting section:

SL No Machine Description Brand Origin No of Machine
1 Cutting Machine KURIS Japan 01 set of 3 cutting table
2 Cutting Table Local 8 pcs (60 feet each)
3 Rib Cutter Pegasus 08 sets

We Run Auto cad machine (4 sets).

Sewing Section:

SL No Machine Description Brand Origin No of Machine
1 Over lock 350 sets
2 Flat Lock 158 sets
3 Thread Trimmer 51 sets
4 Feet of the arm 06 sets
5 Plain Machine 390  sets
6 Button hole 06 set
7 Button stitch 07 sets
8 Stain remover 03 sets
9 Rib cutter 08 sets

Finishing Section:

SL No Machine Description Brand Origin No of Machine
1 Vacuum Ironing table MODERN China 34 Nos
2 Steam Iron MODERN China 34 Nos
3 Needle Detector HASHIMA Japan 04 Nos
4 Steam Boiler MODERN Korea 03 Nos
5 Thread suction machine Nisho China 04 Nos

Sample Section:

SL No. Item Description No.
2 STUFF 40 Person

GPS Direction:



Company 5 Years Plan:


2019: Construction for New Production unit will start in Panchoboti about 20 sewing lines.

2020: Production capacity increase up to 200,000 pcs per day.

2021: Plan to open Sweater and lingerie production unit.


                                    Thanks for your time.